TheClassyCheesecake and the end.

This is the last post on this blog.

SirChillicious and I have started a new project called TheClassyCheesecake:

You can find all my future posts there and on EDM Sauce.


For the license information of my YouTube videos check this post:


Bye! 🙂


SizzleBird – One World

SizzleBird has been one of my favorite artists for a long time. I have uploaded a couple of his songs already (for example this one) and I really love every single one of them. Actually I don’t know a song by SizzleBird I don’t like.
His new album One World was released in January and it includes eight amazing songs.

Prelude is an amazing chill tune including beautiful vocals which set the tone for the whole song. They start right after a great intro which introduces the album very smooth. The rest of the song is supported by intense but well fitting drums which sometimes seem a touch too loud. Still they are necessary to stress the contrast between the smooth, almost ambient sounding intro as well as the interludes and the really powerful part of the song including the typical Chillstep rhythm.

The second song on the album is Endless Pathway. The song starts really intense from the first seconds on and it instantly sets you in an amazing mood. The moment touching me the most is when the vocals set in. They are well chosen and are the characterizing part of the song. The use is very unique and and they get stuck in your head for a couple of minutes. But in a good way, of course.

I hope you enjoy the tracks and check out SizzleBird’s SoundCloud. He has uploaded great new tracks in the meantime.

The pictures are by Robert Mayer.

The Chillicious Free Compilation

Yesterday SirChillicious released the A-side of his first compilation. Even though he had just about 300 subscribers on his YouTube channel back then he managed to feature artists like Koda, Soular Order, Bijou, Sean Mackey, Clorviolt & Elliot Berger on his release and filled it up with many more talented producers I actually didn’t even know before. The whole compilation is a great combination of totally different chill songs. You will instantly love the mixture and maybe find your new favorite artist on it. Don’t hesitate to check the pages of every single of them.

You can download it here.

A couple of hours ago I uploaded my favorite song of the A-side. It’s the second track by Clorviolt on my channel.
This one especially attracts attention because of his long intro and the great quiet and selected sounds going on for about three minutes. In my opinion the highlight of the song is the start of the typical DnB drums after about the half of the song.
This is definitely not the last song from the compilation you will find on my channel and here on the blog.

Picture by seyed mostafa zamani.